Term and condition

It’s a legal term and condition contract between WINRZON and WINRZON app users. Read these term and condition carefully

  1. Result of any quiz create according to the following points –

     a. Participants score
     b. If two or more participants score equally then in such case result created according to timing and it calculates upto microsecond.
     c. If two or more users fulfil above two conditions of point 3(a) and 3(b) then resulte create according to the more correct answers.
     d. If two or more users fulfil the above three conditions 3(a-c) then in such cases the amount will be distributed equally.
     For example
     Position 1 – 100
     Position 2 – 50
     And both these users fulfil point 3(a-c) conditions then total of their position (150) distributed equally (75 each).
     e. After that any objection from users can’t be considered.

2. After completed the test, following points considered

     a. If a user completed his / her test but he / she didn’t qualify for scholarship then in such a case the quiz entry fee can’t be refunded.
     b. If a user registered in a quiz and anyhow he / she was not able to participate in the quiz. In such cases entry fees can’t be refunded.
     c. If a user participates in a quiz and completes his / her quiz, but due to some technical issues if his / her result is not declared. In such cases entry fee is refundable.

3. Users can’t put any objection if in any case, any quiz will reschedule or cancel.

     a. In cancellation, users’ entry fee will be refundable.

     b. If the test is rescheduled, no entry fee will be refunded

4. Redeem request of any user will be completed within 3 days.
Note – If any holiday comes between then it will take more than 3 days.
5. Winrzon has only the right to change quiz entry fee, prize poll, pack prize, and offers duration.

6. In any case, if minimum entries are not fill then quiz will be cancel and money will be refund in the WZ Wallet.  
7. Winrzon has only the right to cancel the test even after the result is declared. In such case entry fee will be refundable to those users who were neither involved in cheating or guilty activities, in such case refundable amount credit process will take upto one month.
8. Final result of any test can’t be revised, anyhow if any user has any objection in any question then he / she can share solution pictures that justify your objection.

     a. Google and any other website solution or screenshot can’t be accepted because many websites have different solutions. Only a book’s picture of a reputable author and publication is acceptable.
     b. In any case, if any user justifies their answer. In that case extra money will be credited to your wallet and this process will take upto seven days.

9. If any new user win Prize in free QUIZ, in such case redeem request will complete only when user participate alteast in single paid QUIZ.
10. Referral amount paid to user only when new user participate in any paid quiz by using their referal code. FREE QUIZ entry can’t consider.
11. User can send redeem request only when he / she has minimum 100 rupees in his / her winrzon app wallet.
12. In any case if your pay us but due to some technical issue their payment is debit from their account but we didn’t receive that amount. In such Case WINRZON is not liable to pay or refund that amount.

13. Winrzon has only the right to deactivate any user if he/she is found guilty or doing cheating.

14. If in any case, any user deactivates from our side then his / her redeem request can’t be completed because in that case he / she fulfills point 1 condition.

15. Winrzon has the only right to modify in term and condition at any time and those conditions were accepted retrospectively.

After accepting WINRZON terms and conditions, no objection is acceptable.

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